I was wrong to think being in my 30’s is the new 20’s


Have you ever had the thought that 30’s is the new 20’s? Here is a true life story of Angela…

My twenties are wasting, no one told me it’s going to be this bitter and hard. Angela muttered.

At 27, Angela does not have a driver’s licence. This is part of what she thinks limits her employment opportunities in Virginia. Of course, this makes her feel like a passenger in her OWN life.

Am sure some people who face something similar will be able to relate  with this (this is the point where you think 30’s is the new 20’s)

Despite all this, Angela whom of course you would assume to jump at any opportunity to prove herself worthy of being responsible does the complete opposite. This is seen in appointments booked for her where she is always appearing late.

passing time…

Angela is always having appointments with her psychologist in case you are wondering what appointment she is always going for since she is JOBLESS.

Angela believes going to a psychologist will make her accomplish two things:

  1. Have a better relationship with her father
  2. Pass time and not stay at home (at least this way she gets to avoid her father’s troubles of  briefing her the history of her life)
Practically, the appointment is more or less like a therapy which Angela signed up for to consume herself on all the drama happening in her twenties.

Giving up on 20’s she said “I hope to work…” and figure out what i want to do by the age of 30.

so i guess 30 is the new 20 for me

The truth!

Angela did not really realize that research done by most psychologist especially those who specializes in Adult Development confirms that:

There are countless people in their 20’s without vision and what is worse are the tears being shed by those in their 30’s and 40’s cos they are paying the price for what they lost while in their 20’s in all areas be it :professionally, economically, financially e.t.c.

While most people would  agree with this saying that:

The unexamined life is not worth living;

A lesser known quote that goes thus:

The unlived life is not worth examining.

by American psychologist Sheldon Kopp might be more important in some cases especially in Angela’s case.

Know this! 

it is reckless to focus on an empty past knowing that your future is going to be in danger.

Angela continues, it hurts so badly that you’re done with college/university and years of your life passes by with nothing to show for it. It is even worse and more painful when after years of trying so hard, you try to get your mind off your situation, only to get a call that four of your friends from college are in town and would love to have a get-together for old time sake. Of which two of them are in town cos they came for a conference meeting for their respective establishment, one had just returned from travelling all around the world honoring well paid invitations to give speeches as best selling author for his books worldwide and the last one brought along her fiance.

How sad do you think Angela feels right now with all these?

Angela went further saying:

My twenties are almost over, i am twenty-seven  and i realize i didn’t have anything to show for myself. No real resume, no relationship, i don’t even know what am doing in this town she said in frustration.

it was at this point she broke into tears that she has been holding back.


It wasn’t too late for Angela, all she needed was to get going and NOT GIVE UP. She needed to know this. Before she finally clocked 30, She already got a driver’s licence, an apartment of her own, her dream job, and  a boyfriend with some potential. All these made the relationship with her parents especially her father to improve.


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