Why Work done on an Ultra-book is Scarier than dating Taylor Swift

How much do you think you know about an Ultra-book?

Work done on Ultra-book is Scarier than dating Taylor Swift, do you know that?

There is no doubt that there is dynamic and mind-blowing advancement in computing technologies every year. Ultra-book is a special processor produced by INTEL.

The idea behind it is to produce a laptop that stands somewhere between a notebook and a conventional laptop.

While some people find the use of  ultra-book fun and classy, some other people do not because the fact is this:

it is not meant to meet the needs of everybody and as such those who fall into these categories would definitely find it scarier than even dating Taylor Swift.

For the sake of clarity about what an Ultra-book is in simple term” Ultra-books are a specific type of laptop and can be considered as an Ultra-portable laptop”.

What distinguishes an Ultra-book from a conventional laptop and notebook?

There are quite a number of features that distinguishes an Ultra book from a laptop and a notebook. Some of which are:

  1. They are ultra-thin in structure and light-weighted.
  2. Larger screen sizes.
  3. Better performance capabilities.
  4. Ultra-books are designed to be fashionable.

Let’s face it except you did not work for the money you have, only then will you not know the value of whatever you spend such money acquiring.

Take a look at one of the most loved celebrity Taylor Swift

do you know how scary it is for a guy to date her?

how scary it was for some of her exes?

If you aren’t then I must say you really have a thick skin or you are just like one of those people who go into a relationship for some other reasons but LOVE.

 Okay, let me break it down for you:

Taylor Swift is a beautiful American singer and song-writer known to have dated several people in the past and breaking up with them when they least expect it.

Now I say when they least expected it because let’s assume you are the guy, you would think all is going on well with the relationship, you put in a lot of effort into making it work and you both are enjoying every good times and then only for you as the guy to wake up one morning and find out that she is hanging out with some other guy.

Also, finding out they are the newest dating couple all over social media and when you question such action or respond to fans who ask all sort of questions in the world, fully aware there has been no quarrel prior to that she plays the victim and make the whole world believe she is innocent.

Maybe she is after all,i mean with fame, you tend to have a standard.

A standard that the wrong set of people tend to outsmart the one that is right for you .

I would have preferred to use the word shocking as a description to what the guys that have been in her life must have undergone but I prefer to use the word SCARY!.

The interesting part is she sings about her ex. You then ask yourself, were you being used as an experiment?



What makes Work done on Ultra-book Scarier?


For an amateur who do not have enough knowledge on Ultra-books, the following are what will be encountered if you decide to get your work done like for example, enhanced graphics for gamers on an Ultra-book

  1. Low Speed rate: Ultra-books are designed to be fashionable as earlier said and can be optimized mainly for simple tasks only like emailing, browsing etc. NOT for enhanced task which will not be up to speed.
  2. Small Storage: Ultra-books also are known to have storage capacity of hard drives to be annoyingly small compared to a regular hard drive and even if you want to ignore the speed and still go ahead to get an Ultra-book with the intention of replacing the drive, you still will not be able to do so.
  3. Lack of essential connections: in terms of connectivity, you will not find a CD drive on an Ultra book and VGA connection will be a luxury. But if you don’t mind? Then no problem, wait till I get to the last point before you make up your mind on whether to take the risk or not.
  4. You cannot carry and swap out a spare battery pack because it is designed to be sealed units and as a result you will not be able to tinker with its memory and let assume you do, if the disk fails you will have to trash the Ultra book as a whole!

For an average citizen who  just hit a fairly big project and who depend on whatever revenue will be made out of such project.


Here is what i think:

You do agree with me that indeed doing a work on an Ultra book is more scarier than dating Taylor Swift as each of this scenario is an opportunity with different priorities.

While a scheduled date for delivery is certain for your work, you can actually get over whatever breakup might result from dating Taylor Swift compared to your job.

This is especially seen in a scenario where it is your only means of livelihood and it’s just a test project that will pave way for bigger ones if delivered accurately and professionally.




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  1. Wonder for how long she ll continue to jump from one guy to another before she finds what she is looking for. Great work on the comparison with ultra books so different and straight to the without boring stories

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