Curious on Why the best are wasted effort on good looks?

How far did you go on your good looks?

The amount of effort we put into our good looks depends on so many factors and i ll state the obvious and wrap it up with an example in form of a story.

what influences your looks?

There are so many factors that influences the way we look some of which are:

  1. Social media: The power of social media can not be under estimated when it comes to having impact in the way we do things generally. Ranging from the way we talk, to the way we think to the way we live and of cos our LOOKS. These are inspirational styles you might love as a lady
  2. Environment: Your physical environment is also a contributing factor to what influences the way you look for example, in an environment where people wear shorts as casual outfit will one way or the other imply that most of your casual outfit are shorts and it follows like that until you change such environment because trying to wear something else will stand you out,except you don’t’s all about good looks!!! 
  3. Religion : The list will not be complete if religion is not mentioned as part of the factors that influences your looks especially if you practice it.These are best styles you should see.
  4. Climatic condition : Summer look is very much different from winter look.In same vein, rainy season look is quite different from dry season look, for places that do not experience winter or summer.
  5. Peers/Cliques/Gang: Peers and the Clique you belong also influences the way you look, if you are used to your peers dressing in a particular way, it tends to be a contributing factor to the way you look and would always want to look.For example, if a guy’s peer group or clique likes to wear skinny jeans, he definitely would have his wardrobe stock with mostly jeans.

For an everyday look, there is a particular way you as a person want to look, and that’s what i will call your everyday signature look.

But looking at it seriously,

do you really want to look same every day?

A signature look make it easy for people around you to identify you easily which is really very cool.


When I mean everyday look, it includes your haircut style as a guy or a man, your hairstyle as a lady or woman, your sense of outfit style, your makeup style, everything about the way you look on daily basis.

I find it difficult to believe that you are comfortable with just one particular look as a young man or woman though.

 it’s not possible but then again there are some people who love to look same way ,no change-all through 365 days in a year.

No matter how comfortable you are in all you simplicity or complicated style on the choice of your look there is always the feeling to try something different even if it’ll be for once.

The way you think about style and looks 

If you do not try something new, you can never tell how good they are on you and how they make you feel which is either of two ways: comfortable or not comfortable.

 Also, i am sure you are aware that it is different from making a choice of looks which is also either of two ways: yes or no.

Am sure you must have heard of some people say, it’s either your look is classy or trashy.

While some categories of people like to associate classy as sophisticated and trashy as complicated and insane, I would say classy is simplicity and confidence.

This is because really, there is a misconception about what classy is all about.

As much as most people would like to think only expensive looks can be seen as classy I would like to disapprove of such.

Sure expensive looks can be classy if it is simple and rational and hey! you have your opinion about what expensive looks should be.

I know what I expect to see.

There are always people that will overdo for everyday look and certain people are guilty of this: including men, women, guys, ladies. We all have our reason(s)/excuse for overdoing.

Some are not just aware of it unless they are being told. i have been guilty of such countless times. We all have to learn at some point.

why you overdo when it comes to looking “Classy”?

  1. It could be to impress someone we care about.
  2. To impress the world and make them believe you are good-looking with different shades of all round beauty.
  3.  Because you are in an unhealthy competition with someone or some people. I call it unhealthy because you consciously care about your looks in relation to whoever you are competing with (or let me say, with whoever you don’t want to accept that you are competing with).

Check this out:

There are countless reasons, and I am very certain the goal is not to overdo and look like a masquerade at the end of the day.

I know this because I have fallen into this category countless times especially when it comes to my skin. This is majorly because on some occasion, I wanted to hide my imperfections arising from breakouts on my face or discoloration.

Some other times, i overdo when I feel in my small mind I am a professional or can be seen as such when it comes to make-up. In such situation, I tend to compare myself and do it the way public figures do it as seen on social media platforms which is what is very common nowadays.

We tend to copy the way our favorite celebrities do it which is really not a bad idea even though I know and you also know that celebrities contribute in one way or the other to an aspect of our lives in the way we perceive and do things just by looking at them and copying from them.

 I would love to look good, as much as you would love to look good every day and be known as a composed good looking man or woman or lady or guy, your mood determines the extent to which you can put in such effort of looking good.

Most times less is more and the key is neatness and simplicity.

If you must always package yourself to look good everyday then sure go ahead.

You never know where your good looks can take you to until you form it as habit.

Not an addiction!!!

When I say form as habit it does not necessarily mean that if you don’t feel like it you should force yourself to it.


Let it flow from inside-out. 

In case you do not know, most times people who claim to always look and feel good are in competition with themselves this is because they have failed to accept themselves for who they are and as such try as much as they can to be someone they are not.

As a man look the way you want to be addressed ranging from your haircut, to the type of outfit you wear, to the way you address other people and even the smell of fragrance that oozes out from you.

Check out this as an inspiration for your next style as a guy/man

For a lady, hmm, ladies have been known to be very dramatic with their looks and most times the accusations of overdo points directly to them. Like for example, you must have heard of this story about:

a lady who went to visit her boyfriend, is very much aware that her man does not live alone; he lives with his pet- a parrot. So, the lady in this scenario intended to stay in her boyfriend’s house for the weekend so she went to his place Thursday evening. The next morning she and her boyfriend decided to go to the market to get some food stuffs they ll be needing over the weekend.So after she had her bath, she applied her make-up, spent over an hour in front of the mirror. When she finally came out, the parrot saw her and screamed saying she looked ugly, this made her angry and she went to report to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend told the parrot to apologize and it did apologize. The next day she decided to apply an entirely different set of makeup so she could go out with her boyfriend for a wedding ceremony. The parrot could not just keep its mouth shut, so it say the same thing as the previous day, this time around even calling her name. Furious by this, the angry girlfriend reported to her boyfriend again. This time around threatening to kill the parrot and placing her boyfriend in an uncomfortable position of having to choose between the parrot and her. She also made it clear that her boyfriend will be the one to kill the parrot for her with his hands. So boyfriend apologized and tickled her to calm her down and gave a stern warning to the parrot. The parrot knowing it had escaped death decided to keep its opinion to itself henceforth. This it tried to demonstrate the next day when the girlfriend of its owner came looking for it. She had spent over 3 hours dressing up and when she was satisfied, she came to meet the parrot. The parrot did not say anything it just looked at her. she turned her sides as if showing off to the parrot to check out how gorgeous and improved she is. The parrot still did not say anything, she was so happy and she brought out her mirror to check out herself one more time and was smiling to herself ,so satisfied and happier that she must have looked so beautiful that is why the parrot is not saying anything. She put the mirror into her bag and was about to leave the house. As soon as she placed her hands on the door to open it ,the parrot couldn’t hold it back ,it voiced out this time around changing the line so instead of saying she is ugly it said: ”You know the truth”

The simple trick to good looks is keeping it as simple as you  can, let the occasion or environment  define the extent of your simplicity. The lady in the scenario was going to the market with her man and she was over dressed for it all because she wants to impress and probably show off.

At the end of the day its both the best and wasted effort on good looks. Best effort in trying to look good and wasted effort in looking entirely different from good.

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