He tormented my family till the very end

This is the beginning of my true life story for all those who missed how and when it all started.

Mmuo had beaten mother to death

I was bitter. I couldn’t help myself. I cried endlessly hitting myself saying:

I should have been there to fight for mum

I was still holding on to her corpse begging her to answer me.I told God to help me. I told him i would not let Mmuo enter the house ever again but he should make mum wake.

I begged mum and God but nothing happened. My father came home and on seeing this he fell to the ground. He was rushed to the hospital. people came to carry mother. I followed them. i thought they were going to do something about it.

Things took new turn

After that day, Mmuo ran away from home. It was just me and my father.

I miss mum and i see her everyday. 

she gives me hope in my dreams.

I had my own family few years after. I was blessed with a beautiful wife and 7 kids. Mmuo on the other hand became miserable and looked like a lunatic on the streets even though he wasn’t.

He was being consulted by wicked people of his type who needed to do evil things to others. While Mmuo became a native doctori am running a business of selling pharmaceutical products.

Mmuo was feared in the community as the most powerful native doctor. He had no where to live. He lived in the bush  where he built a hut there.

I built a house for myself and for my father directly facing mine (jut a few kilometers away from mine)in the same compound. When father died,there was no one living in the house built for him.

On this particular day, it rained heavily and the rain affected so many houses as a lot of houses had their roofs destroyed by the rain. Mmuo was affected and became homeless as a result of this. So i offered to let him stay at the house i built for father.

I was living peacefully with my family and he was living on his own doing his own thing.

My children are all grown up and some had married.

I lost my first son mysteriously when he had just started making it in his business. I was told he sat in front of his rented apartment and told the boy who was fetching water that he should wake him up when he is done that he wants to lie down for a while.

The boy actually fetched water the water for him and decided to wake him up but he would respond, Foams were dripping from his mouth and nose. The boy explained that while he was fetching water and my son was lying down ,he responded as if someone was calling his name from a distance by screaming so the person will hear him. 

The boy said he  wasn’t the one that called my son as at that time and he didn’t hear anyone call him. He went further to state that his thought was that my son must have been dreaming for him to answer while sleeping only to find out he was bringing out foam from his mouth and nose.

My son’s body was brought to  my town and my elder brother rushed out and in disappointment, he unconsciously uttered:

it shouldn’t have been you.its for your brother.

People around who heard him turned to look at him before he realized what he said and went inside.

I didn’t hear him. i was in pain. I was told years after by one of those who heard him. 

I buried my son in tears and moved on. Although, his death affected the health of my wife. I had to keep consoling her while consoling myself at the same time.

Years after, i found out my wife had been poisoned as things were been extracted from her legs after she was always complaining of pains in her leg and couldn’t walk properly. Worms, thick short metallic objects were  being removed from her legs at different prayer centers. She even had to travel out cos of this.

I was told the poisons were meant to kill her gradually.

I thank God for making us discover in time cos i opted to transfer her from the hospital she was initially admitted to another before i decided to take her to church according to the advice given by my friend.

Before Mmuo died, he was more miserable than he looked. He started acting like animal. He couldn’t talk properly instead, he made different sounds like animal. He left the house given to him and was living in the bush where he was found dead.

It was believed he turned to different creatures while in the bush. My community refused i buried him saying evil people aren’t supposed to be buried else the whole community will suffer for it.

CECI i hope i did not scare you with my personal experience and i hope you learnt something from this story.


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