Things to know about SEX


What is sex?sex is a sweet experience for most people…

Sex is a healthy and natural activity most people tend to enjoy. It doesn’t have to feel right for everyone though, since the way each person feels about it differs.

Everybody have different opinions about sex. Am sure you also have your own opinion as you are reading this post.right?

Sex is regarded as being meaningful to people even if individuals create meaning to it in different ways whether you’re straight,lesbian,gay or bisexual.

While some people believe they have to wait and study their partner to know if they actually want to have anything to do with them before giving in to sex or they just want the relationship to be platonic.

Some other people believe they ll have to wait after marriage. This is actually a common believe triggered by mostly religion or certain strict families because they believe it would be an enjoyable long time activity as both partners age together which connotes to them as DECENCY.

These are categories of people of wait nonetheless.

For some, their intention is to have sex with you on the first day either because its a premeditated thought before hand and they want to enjoy themselves or they are too curious to know how your dick or pussy taste to decide if they ll enjoy it in the long run– although, i ll call this testing(lol!)

Hey, DO YOU KNOW there are some people out there who do not like sex to last for more than certain minutes while for others, the reverse is the case? .

So i guess this is one justified reason why they have sex right on the first day when the love or chemistry between the “TWO” partners is still very much new/fresh.

For some people, sex is something that just happen.something they have no control over. (DO YOU FALL IN THIS CATEGORY?)

sex can be satisfying!!! DO YOU AGREE WITH ME?

When do you enjoy sex more, with or without condom?

YEAH!! am expecting two different answers from two different categories of people. Its either you enjoy sex more while putting on a condom or you enjoy it more without the use of condom.

Whatever your answer is, there is a reason behind your answer.

Most times people make use of condom because of awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and sometimes to prevent pregnancy.

Those who do not use condoms believe it boosts the intimacy between them and their partner and sometimes in situation where they are married couples they do not see the need for using it.

Either way, whether you use condom or not, You still want to enjoy sex and get the satisfaction that comes with it.



how often do you enjoy sex?

how many times can you have sex in a day?

what sexual activity do you enjoy the most?


send in your comments and lets share experience…loool!!!


2 thoughts on “Things to know about SEX

  1. I agree wit you Sis ceci
    am I weird because I enjoy my wife strangling and spanking me during sex? I don’t think so

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