Success story briefing about Japan’s emoji Creator

When your passion drives you, your success story becomes limitless.

Meet the Japanese guy behind the idea of emoji.

His name is Shigetaka Kurita. You can see his smiling face. loool

Just a tease…

Maybe the idea behind his emoji characters all started by looking at the mirror while smiling.

You can see from the picture he looks like one of his emoji

Hey! just joking..

Opinion of his success story.

I should make a comprehensive post on kurita’s journey to success in one of my upcoming posts.

 Some will say his success story is a FLUKE. Some will disagree with that. While some will say he put into work to achieve this success story. Some will say he just played around and it became a hit.

What i will say about his success story?

Oh well, i have my own view about this . Definitely you know i do. Right?

  I will say thanks to what technology is evolving to become everyday.

This is because trust me, if not for technological advancement this probably wouldn’t have been such a huge success it is right now.

What does that tell you?

Take every advantage of every  opportunity that comes your way in achieving success.

Have your dreams and work towards accomplishing it by paying attention to every opportunity. 

Wait! you have your own opinion which i so much respect.

This is just what i think about his success story.

The one reason i can give for saying this to back up my point above is ; if andriod phones do not exist, there probably would be less appreciation on social networks like whatsapp messaging, facebook, twitter and the likes where this emojis are being used.

The likely appreciation would have been limited to just kids in form of toys.

You agree with me?


Okay , would love to hear your views.

Where it all started?

Kurita was working at major telecom NTT Docomo in 1999 (wow! i was a child by this time)

when he sketched out one of the first emoji, a clunky looking thing barely recognizable as the precursor to today’s yellow smiley face.

From a humble smiley face with a box mouth and inverted “V’s” for eyes, crude weather symbols, and a rudimentary heart — emoji have now exploded into the world’s fastest-growing language.

If he can do it, i think you too can do it by turning your dreams into a huge success.



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