shocking discovery!!! 3 kids rescued from an old witch

Shocking discovery:How it all started

Shocking discovery as three kids all from same mother kidnapped.

A woman decides to go out with her 3 kids instead of leaving them all at home by themselves. At the bus stop where she will board a bus to her destination, she met an old woman.

Shocking discovery as the mother of three kids loses her senses

Apparently, the old woman at the bus stop asked the woman with the three kids to hand over her kids to her. The woman obeyed and handed her kids over without questions.

Mind you she doesn’t know this old woman from anywhere and haven’t met her before this incident.

Few minutes later after the old woman left with the 3 kids, the mother of these kids raised alarm by shouting.

This noise drew a lot of attention from passer by.

people gathered and asked what was wrong with her and why she was shouting.

The crowd swung into action after the shocking  discovery of what had just happened to the woman.

With the hopes that the old woman (witch) wouldn’t have gone far , they followed the direction she took.

Fortunately, they were able to catch up with her and asked her where she was taking the kids to.

It was at this point she started stammering and she was taken back to the bus stop where it all started.

The mother of the 3 kids confirms she was the old woman and took her kids away from her.

This is a case of kidnap for ritual purpose. Everyone was certain of it

It was at this point angry mob beat up the old woman and set her ablaze before the police could intervene.

ATTENTION: You might be a victim of this. Check it out

Happy Sunday to you all. May the lord bless you and may your shocking discovery never be that of a bad news but news of celebration.

Christmas clock is ticking fast…. Hurray!!!

May the joy of christmas visit your homes

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