Route to Success in Business and Noise before Defeat

Everything in life pass through a route. The route you choose to follow depends on YOU.

Don’t get me wrong when i say ”Everything in life pass through a route”.  

There are many Routes to take

The route i take might be different from the one you will take to achieve the same goal/purpose.

Have you ever heard of the saying by Sun Tzu that:

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. AND
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Have you heard of such saying?
Well, that is the purpose of this post.

The route to success isn’t an easy one as you might have heard but when you realize its narrow and very very slow because you are getting it all wrong it can be very frustrating trust me. Especially when you have put  in so much work into make sure your dreams of being successful turns into a wonderful reality.

You want to know how important the strategy piece is?

Am sure you do, but here is the thing if  you as a business owner or entrepreneur get the strategy part right in marketing, you can surround it with just about any set of tactics that are being performed and measured consistently.

Now that is how important the strategy piece is.

Are you feeling the flow? good!!!

Now, lets look at two (2) major components to getting the right marketing strategy
  1. Focus on the ideal client;
  2. Differentiating your business from others.

I know you might think its very trivial taking a look at these two components but the truth is most business owners do not think about them as thoroughly as they should.

Component one route to success (ideal client) 

If you do your research well , you’ll find out that most businesses (especially small business) try to be all things to all people. By doing this, they find it hard to really focus or succeed at serving narrowly defined market section.

i was so guilty of this especially when i just started blogging.

The truth is:

Businesses whether small or medium don’t necessarily intend to be all things; it just sort of happens from a lack of focus and help from a prospect in an area that’s not really the business’ concern.
While it may seem like growth to take on a new customer, if that
customer isn’t the ideal one, such action can actually stunt real growth.

In some cases,

Trying to work with customers who are not ideal clients
can lead to such a bad experience for both your business and the

The trick is therefore to discover what that ideal client looks like in the most specific way possible, and then build an entire marketing strategy around for attracting more.

Component two route to success (differentiating your business from others)

This isn’t a new concept which means you are aware of this. The truth is it’s one of the hardest to get businesses to actually do.

Yeah sure everyone wants to think what they do is so unique. Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s something that almost everyone can either do or claim  to do as well.

Take note of this:

If your business is receiving phone calls and inquiries, and one of the first questions is, “How much?”

Then there’s a really good chance you’re not differentiating your business.

If people can’t tell how your business is different, they’re going
to use the one measure that out-rightly makes sense: price.

One route to take to knowing how to differentiate your business is to hear  from the people whom you would like to convert to clients.

what do i mean by this?

what i mean  is engage in conversation and bring up existing businesses already providing the service you do or willing to do.

Take note of what they all have in common and do something different/unique.

This way your prospects become curious and will definitely be willing to give a try.


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