Whitening and Glowing Cream

Why You Should Purchase This Cream?

Whitening and glowing cream is one of the variety of fabulous product from star skincare.

It has been carefully formulated to meet the needs of individuals who desires a lighter  and glowing skin tone.

Ingredients Used In Making Whitening and Glowing Cream

Some of the ingredients used in making this 'dream come true' cream include: Floral water, Licorice, Sepi White, Carrot juice etc. as well as other potential fruit extracts.

Direction Of Use

The simply way of using this cream is by rubbing evenly all over you skin. It should be used at least twice a day preferably morning and night.

Best Results:

For very good and quick results it is best to use with other Star Skincare range of products.

Final Note

This cream comes with a sweet fragrance and can last you for a considerable amount of time.


The use of this product yields amazing result visible after 7-10 days of consistent usage with other range.


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