Practical tips for starting your own business as an enterpreneur

Today, we take a look at some of the practical tips you should know when starting your own business.

You must have come across a lot of practical tips by different writers. I will be showing you the most important practical tips you can easily relate with. 

This post ought to come before the previous post on cement business. 

But hey here we are. so moving forward.

Take note of this:

The first thing you need to know when thinking of starting your business is having your DREAMS  about such business.

Having dreams does not mean you ll sleep so deep and expect magic to happen. NO!!!

The red highlight on the word dreams will take you to a new tab where you will get a better understanding of the concept.

The number 1 practical tip you should know when starting a new business

Find your passion!!! This is very crucial.

Knowing your passion before going into a business goes a long way in sustaining your through the ups and downs of such business.

Let’s take a look at it this way

starting a new business is like starting your OWN family. if you already have a family of your own then imagine you are being given the opportunity to go back in time and start all over.

You get my point?

 You can signify if you don’t understand and i will give you one thousand and one scenarios you can work with.

Like i said, the number one practical tip is to find your passion.

Finding your passion is not just enough 

You have to know the exact place where your passion lies. Take for example, you may have passion for fashion.

Just like i love shopping in konga in Nigeria because they are the number one online shopping business. They also have different categories such as bags, shoes, jeans , accessories e.t.c all at affordable prices.

Your passion quite alright is categorized as fashion but they question is:

What aspect of fashion? 

Knowing the exact aspect of fashion is what i mean by knowing the exact place where your passion lies.

Do you also know…

The reason why knowing your passion is the number one practical tip in starting a business is because the amount of
time, dedication and financial investment you will require
is immense? Hence, your passion will carry you through.

SO, My dear reader;

Make sure you have a strong love and passion for the business
you are starting so that your commitment to the business is something that you are willing to support and grow over the long period of time.


That’s not all.

Another practical tip you should know is this:

Do your research well (This shouldn’t be a burden on you since its your passion- remember!!).

You may be wondering why? 

If you’re saying to yourself, this is my passion and i know a lot about it since it’s MY passion.

Then my dear, please pause!!! and hear me out.

Most times we think we know all or too much to start doing research.

But what harm could possibly come to you by researching? I think the harm you think and the good i so much believe is you become more knowledgeable.

You still think that’s not enough to carry out a thorough research as one of the practical tips?

How about i say research on your passion for the business you want to go into will enable you have ALL of the current insights and advice on what to expect from the type of business you are trying to pursue.

You like that don’t you?

It will just make you the boss everyone will be looking onto. 

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