My name is Modupe. I had  just got back from my outing during the day when i heard someone coughing in the next room. I ignored cos it wasn’t a big deal for someone to cough. Minutes passed and the coughing did not stop. Then i thought to myself that it could be whoever was coughing probably was cooking something and forgot about it which made it burn.

Although i didn’t perceive any burnt smell.

Minutes after i heard my other neighbors calling her name. They must have heard her coughing and probably want her to come out of the room.

The next thing i heard were bangs on her door This caught the attention of more people.

Whoever was coughing hadn’t stop and has refused to open the door. Then neighbors began calling two names of those who are occupant of the room since they ain’t aware of who exactly was coughing.

It was at this point i came out after hearing them call out the names. The names were familiar. one of the occupant of the room was a law student who i love to relate with every now and then.

Finally, whoever was in the room managed to open the door and low and behold it was the law student.

She was suffocating in her room even though she wasn’t cooking anything. 

There was light so the fan was on

what then could have happened?

One of the neighbors decided to call her room mate to inform her of what has happened.

The room mate responded that it has happened before and she is used to it happening every now and then and they do nothing about it cos after sometime she would stop.

I was looking at her and all i can see is a girl finding it difficult to breathe. few minutes later, her room mate came around and i told her to take her to their school clinic.

someone offered to take them with his bike so they could get to the clinic faster.

While at the clinic, they reached out to someone who is known to be her sister to get her school id card. on seeing the girl leaving her room i had to follow her back to the clinic.

i was in shock when i got to the clinic and found out she had worsen and needed oxygen with emergency.

The clinic ran out of oxygen and she was carried into the emergency van to be transferred to another hospital.

i hurriedly jumped into the van with her sister and room mate who had brought her to the hospital in the first place.

While in the emergency van, 

i noticed her room mate’s face was boiling in anger. Then i asked what happened. She narrated an unbelievably stupid experience she had with the doctor.

stating that immediately she brought the girl to the clinic, she rendered to the doctor an emergency report stating the condition of the girl. on seeing on the report that the girl is a law student ,the doctor in all of his wisdom decided to make a joke out of the situation by asking for her black and white uniform as a law student which provoked her into insulting the doctor by asking him if he was stupid enough not to realize that this is an emergence before him and a life is at stake.

i was so disappointed by this event. i had only seen such attitude in movies as a joke. 

Does it mean doctors and every other medical practitioners do not consider human lives relevant anymore?

while in the van, the girl gasping for breathe went in a comma as result of lack of ventilation and now she is on oxygen at the hospital she was transferred to.


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