Some might think Vice President Osinbajo is in trouble for outshining his boss President Buhari during the president’s extended leave that certain Nigerians were hoping won’t end.

The way Naira to a Dollar dropped from almost 600naira to 440naira isn’t going to help. Ben Murray Bruce made it worse with this tweet.

Then Reno Omokri unrepentantly praised VP Osinbajo almost weekly as a genius and God blessed leader.

Aisha Buhari didn’t help matters either. Maybe it’s her revenge for “…belongs in kitchen and other rooms…” statement by her husband.

And you can trust the bloody civilian Nigerians to pitch in.

Including Dele Momodu (same one of the Davido debacle) who published an article titled, “Before President Buhari Returns Home”. In the article, Mr Momodu compared the VP to the president and stated that VP Osinbajo has been doing the things Nigerians had given up on Buhari to do.

It’s like they are all deliberately trying to sow seeds of discord between Vice President and Major General President.

APCs attempt to spin the situation isn’t very helpful either and just comes across as weak and petulant. But we’ve after all come to expect nothing better from Femi Adesina, Lai Mohammed and co.

We all know Buhari is a vindictive man. Dasuki can attest to this.

Question is after Buhari fully recovers from jet lag and his stubborn illness, will he stretch and yawn before saying to himself, “Choi! It is time to show my VP who is boss.”

It’s funny the coincidences surrounding Buhari’s presidency though. I mean, Buhari becomes president, Fulani herdsmen go murder crazy.

Buhari becomes president and his daughters who have been ripe for marriage long before 2016, both get married within a close span of time to millionaire… Oh I’m sorry, I meant multi-billionaires!

Buhari becomes president and well timed he falls sick and travels to spend Nigeria’s money to treat himself in the UK.

Why didn’t this mysterious sickness hit him after all those previous elections he lost? Why didn’t that sickness and those billionaire husbands come to find Buhari while he was on his farm in Daura?

Anyway, welcome back Mr President, and I hope you learnt something about governance while you were in a first class country. Same first class country you fled to from the third class country you’re president of and didn’t want to return to.

Did you hear about the moron who swam in a gutter to celebrate Buhari’s return? 

I’d love to hear your opinion on how this crackhead’s actions are a consequence of his choice in leaders. After all pigs and their kind do love to wallow in filth.

Tweet of the day just in case Buhari isn’t suspicious enough yet




  1. its amazing PMB still has morons as fans all in disguise of being a loyal citizen . the filthy man must have been paid to wrap himself in filthy

    1. I’m sure the weather was just hot that day and the swimmer simply needed to chill. meanwhile the person he’s celebrating is enjoying better chilling at naija’s expense

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