To answer the question of if Nigeria has become a totalitarian state under a Buhari led dictatorship, one must first scrutinize the current situation of the nation.

Recently I came across a WhatsApp broadcast by an unnamed individual (I guess everyone’s now scared of being picked up by DSS). The broadcast’s author seemed convinced that Nigeria has become a totalitarian state which is enjoying a brief yet shaky reprieve because of the Head of State’s absence.

Photo from CNN

The broadcast was titled, “The Benefits of Buhari’s Indefinite Leave of Absence”, and you can read it below.

  1. Fulani herdsmen haven’t killed anyone since the President’s January 19th trip. Rather some herdsmen have been arrested and paraded to the public.

  2. For the first time since Buhari’s presidency, not one person involved in peaceful demonstration has been killed. According to IPOB, this is in comparison to about 2,000 unarmed Biafrans killed under Buhari’s watch while having a  peaceful demonstration. Another scenario would be Monday 6th February 2017, when anti Buhari’s government protests took place in 5 different states across Nigeria without a single shot being fired. Tear gas or otherwise.

  3. The Acting President, Professor Osinbajo told protesters, “We hear you loud and clear…”. After Police banned the rally, Osinbajo warned, “it was the fundamental human rights of the people to protest”. Words and acts that Buhari has never thought of. Rather, he and APC would have accused Goodluck Jonathan of lawlessness in assembling disgruntled elements to bring down his government and order the police to shoot at sight.

  4. The Acting President, Osinbajo, has forwarded the name of the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen to Senate for confirmation as Chief Judge after 3 months of waiting. Something that would have normally taken Buhari longer.

I believe that there will be more benefits before Buhari returns to Nigeria.

This anonymous broadcast came from a man who no longer believes in his president. But who can blame our anonymous author?My list of reasons for believing Nigeria has become a totalitarian state are quite different. Below are recent and not too recent events which I believe only citizens of a totalitarian state should witness. Unfortunately, they all happened in Nigeria, most of them this year.

  1. A mother of seven was killed while evangelizing in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. She was stabbed in the neck and stomach by assailants who were Muslims and felt offended she was preaching Christianity. Just like racists coming out of the woodwork after Trump’s election, cases of Muslims killing non-Muslims have been on the rise since the election of Buhari. Is this because certain Muslims feel untouchable now that the country’s president is a staunch Muslim? Maybe. But circumstances indicate this supposition might be accurate since little to no arrests have been made to curtail the spike in innocents killed by Jihadist wannabes, Fulani Herdsmen, and certain overenthusiastic Islamic Psychophants. SOUTHERN KADUNA KILLINGS!!!
  2. Joachim Iroko named his dog Buhari and painted the name on said dog for reasons best known to him. For this harmless prank which is in no way illegal, he was speedily arrested and prosecuted. And has been charged to court for “conducting yourself in a manner likely to cause breach of peace…” Joachim’s fundamental rights provided by the 1999 constitution were spat on and stepped on, just like you’d find if Nigeria was a totalitarian state.
  3. Former National Security Adviser, NSA, Col Sambo Dasuki (rtd) has been in prison custody ever since Buhari became president. We know he is been charged for corrupt practices (which is super cool). But anyone paying even the slightest attention will notice Dasuki is been victimized more than any other person being charged for corrupt practices (Saraki seems to be having a good time). Dasuki has repeatedly been granted bail by various courts, and not once has he been let go. The most he got was a walk down the court steps before he was rearrested on a different charge. It’s safe to say Buhari is ignoring rule of law in order to punish Dasuki for doing same to him in 1985.
  4. Emenike Iroegbu, Jamil Mabai, Abubakar Sidiq Usman, Desmond Ike, Seun Oloketuyi, Chris Nwandu, and Emmanuel Ojo. These are but a few bloggers who’ve been arrested for exercising their freedom of speech since President’s Buhari inauguration. Worst part is they didn’t even say anything actually inciteful. Just raw uncut truth as seen through their eyes. And simply because government didn’t approve, they were detained. Maybe Nigeria has become a totalitarian state because the whole country is starting to feel like George Orwell novel.
  5. Recently, MI and Ice Prince’s boss, Audu Maikori was arrested for simply using his Twitter account to state his opinion concerning Souther Kaduna killings. DSS officials who have had problems lifting a finger to contain the rising violence in Southern Kaduna enthusiastically boarded a flight from Abuja to Lagos, arrested Audu and brought him back to Abuja, all at the expense of taxpayers money. And they say the country is broke. Why won’t it!? In the same vein, an attempted arrest by same DSS was made on a certain Apostle Suleiman for asking his congregation to defend themselves against Islamic violence if attacked.

Why hasn’t Senate called the Head of DSS to come explain the motivation behind their pointless arrests and yet impotence in fighting actual perpetrators of violence

7. Then there’s the famous “My wife belongs in the kitchen, bedroom, and other rooms…” quote by president Buhari which he spat in Angela Merkel’s face. If that doesn’t tell the western world that Nigeria has become an unapologetic totalitarian state that doesn’t believe in any form of equality, gender or otherwise… Well then… Buhari’s remaining two years in power should be fun.

8. There’s also the cripple that was savagely beaten to a literal bloody mess for wearing military fatigues. A CRIPPLE!!! A BLOODY CRIPPLE!!! Only in totalitarian regimes do the military act with such rabid aggression against weaker civilians.

9. And then there’s Tuface who was intimidated out of holding a peaceful protest by the DSS. The protest held but the DSS had achieved their goal – the protest was nothing more than a crowd of whining toothless dogs. That sounded like a harsh description but it’s the truth.

So people, after considering all the above, it’s in your hands to reach your conclusion on if Nigeria has become a totalitarian state or not. Or better yet, do we simply have a dictator for a leader?

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