Monday outfit inspiration for Guys

There is nothing more appealing to a woman than to see a well groomed man in a dapper outfit.

Trust me when I say every woman both single and married are sexually appealed when as a guy you look hot and sexy.

Your look alone go as far as driving other guys crazy because hey how o you expect me to feel as a guy when my girl is always talking about you

it  just simply means she can drop me for you without much thought if  you send her application letter .

It also make her see me less…

c’mon  men I don’t want that…

which means I have to step up my game.

Just like guys like to show off their woman especially when they know she is hot is also applicable to women

Here is another screen shot of how you can step up your game as a guyI mean just take  a look at this gamed up swag.

It is not enough for a guy to be cute alone without swag

But with cuteness and swag ? Omg

Trust me ,you ll be able to gain access to so many things

not talking about a woman alone but also the respect?

Who doesn’t want to feel cool about himself? c’mon guys looking clean can’t be that shouldnt be for the ladies alone who go way too far to please you guys.

Another screen shot

so yeah -A good looking guy with confidence is one every lady wants to be attached with and also show off.

You really don’t have to break the bank to look good you know, just being neat (including being well groomed- am talking about your hair here guys. lol )and combine your outfit well plus of course a good mild smell using any body spray of your choice is all you really need.


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