Monday outfit ideas for Ladies

Hey guys am back to giving you outfit inspiration to start your new week .

so yeah since its Monday, here are some fashionable outfit that will inspire what you ll like to try.

There are three categories we would be looking at:

  1. For those who would love to be on skirt, it Monday and you have to look smart,this outfit can be worn to offices including bank or any organization that require you dress smartly. you necessarily do not have to put on suit to be smart looking , you could look corporate and still be fashionable.

A black top with yellow blazer and smart short skirt would make you look sexy and smart.

2.Another category we would be considering is for those who do not feel like putting on skirt

There is no rule that says if you wanna dress corporate for office, then you must wear skirt, or trouser that is BLACK.

no, this is another corporate dressing that is official, sexy and smart for a Monday. It really doesn’t have to be a lonnnng full length trouser as seen on the screenshot above.

3. Here is the final one for this post, this category is for those who don’t feel like putting on skirt and at the same time do not want to put on quarter trousers, maybe they haven’t thought of having one or feeling its formal or it could be they really don’t like the idea of quarter for  this Monday.

Hey chill dear, you don’t have to put on what you don’t feel like putting on all because your job demands it. Take a look at this category

with this outfit, you still look smart and formal, white long sleeve top can go with any color of  pant trousers. This is another way you can actually be fashionable with your job.


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