Am not sure if am asking the right question. But am sure by the end of this 3-minute post, you ll get the whole point of the question.

In my experience or should i say from my observation, i noticed that most people who are in a relationship spend less quality time together. Most times its all about romance, sweet talking and sex.

please do not get me wrong.

i am not saying all these activities ain’t worthwhile…

what is the point of the question i asked earlier? Here is an illustration…

I was busy catching my own kind of fun at a party by gisting with a friend of mine when i felt someone touched my ears from the back softly.

I had greeted all those i knew that came for the party. i turned around thinking someone else had just arrived only to discover it was a guy i had greeted earlier.

I simply asked him why would he touch me like that.

He laughed and said he is the one that touched  me and in fact he was gonna kiss me.

to show how senseless and dumbass he was, that wasn’t the answer to the question i asked.which was even annoying

Before he could finish his sentence and before i could even make out the meaning of the rubbish he said, he already kissed my cheeks just very close to my lips.

God knows i was disgusted. i still can not explain how irritated i was even as i write this.

it was at this point, out of anger, i screamed at him.

i was irritated.

i have nothing to do with this creature of a guy. i never thought he was senseless to wanna try such nonsense with me.

i thought i was strict and had set boundaries with people i relate with. 

i wasn’t expecting him to try himself with me.

i can’t even remember the words that came out of my mouth. but everyone whose attention was drawn to me knew i was boiling in anger.

On seeing my reaction, the guy and every other guy around started apologising.

I decided to let go and continued partying even though i wasn’t doing anything else apart from gisting.

My boyfriend later called and i told him what happened briefly.He advised if i intend on leaving the party i should not go alone.

yeah, i forgot to mention it was a night traditional party.

It was time to be served food!!!

While eating, i noticed someone touching my ears softly AGAIN.


I turned around to know who it was and saw it was someone i know too.

A guy!!!

He didn’t want to stop. The fool knew i was eating. 

So many things were going through my mind:

The food i was eating was on my laps and i didn’t want the soup to pour on my laps.

i didn’t want the pepper to get stuck on my throat even if i tried to react the way i felt verbally.

i didn’t want to create another scene.

So i practically begged the guy to let me eat in peace to avoid pepper getting stuck on my throat since he lacks common sense.

After eating, i decided it was time to go home and yes i had to go with someone.

i am aware not all guys are like this.

But really, if this is one of the tricks guys use to take a babe home after party, then for me it REALLY SUCKS.


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