Latest discovery of hack, You might be a victim and not know.

Latest discovery of hack that occurred in 2013

Yahoo(YHOO, Tech 30) admits to the latest discovery on breach of account. Says it does not include financial information nor the account of its blogging service Tumblr.

This latest discovery on CNN brings to notice the knowledge that there are million of people who have no idea that they have a yahoo account.

There are other types of account that put you at risk.

Not having a yahoo email account does not exclude you from falling victim of being hacked.

Posting pictures on Flickr, playing fantasy sports on yahoo sports are possible ways you could be hacked. Another high possibility is if you once had a yahoo email account .

Although you might have stopped using your yahoo email account, if you do not delete such account, you stand a chance of being hacked.

A global  cyber security expert based in Norway made this latest discovery clear by stating that:

“There are millions of people who don’t understand that they have yahoo account.”

These hacks are worrisome .

The reason that these hacks are worrisome is because even if you are not using the account any longer, it’s the sensitivity of the information stolen that puts you at risk.

Yahoo lists stolen information

This latest discovery on the stolen information include: names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, passwords and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.

So the best  thing to do is to delete account(s) you don’t wanna use anymore.

Thorsheim  expresses shock stating that:

The size of this hack  is the largest in history. He says it’s particularly worrisome. This is because Yahoo wasn’t aware that it occurred until three years later.

He believes this is a completely separate hack from the one it announced sometime in September that affected 500 million accounts in 2014.

How many are there really?

“One breach going by undetected for several years is severe enough, “If Yahoo is now admitting to two breaches, it then brings up the question:

How many are there actually?

There could there be even more.”


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