The issue on why people cheat on their spouse/lover is not a new topic. So, various interview were conducted to hear different views on why men/women cheat.

is it a deliberate action or not?

Cheating on your spouse doesn’t necessary mean you need to have sex with someone else.

When you trust a third party who isn’t a family more than your spouse, then you are definitely cheating.

when you compare your spouse to a third party and you give the third party preference then you are cheating.

when you confide in a third party, you are cheating your spouse.

when you tell a third party some or all of the secrets of your spouse then yes you are cheating.


Below are various voices on this issue:

MR A: Men cheat on their wife cos they are already familiar with her ringtone during sex. 

MR B: i think most men cheat on their wives during misunderstanding when she refuses to let him touch her cos of keeping malice

MRS A: Most Nigerian men are not romantic. They just want you to open your legs,do whatever they want to do and tell you to go clean up and give him food.

MR C : Most men think it’s normal to sample different women apart from their wives in order to enjoy different flavor.

MR D : There are some men that do not know how to say NO to temptation.

MRS B: women feel tempted too the way men feel it so they should stop giving excuses that they cannot hold the urge for temptation of sex for too long.

MR E: I used to sleep around and whenever i make up my mind not to do it anymore, i find myself doing it. I think its all about being greedy.

MRS C: women are not wood, you don’t expect me to wait for a very long time without sex while supposed husband is on  business trip for months.

MRS D:Some women are adamant, they don’t want to explore during sex like giving their hubby blow-jobs and different sex styles.

MRS E: Men are not considerate, they don’t care if you’ve had a long day before wanting to get in between their wife’s legs. When she refuses or tries to explain he gets angry and uses that as an excuse to cheat.

MR F: Society push most people into marriage and at the end of the day either the man or the woman would have to find his/her supposed perfect  match outside by cheating

MR G: Most men ain’t patient before getting married. when they see a lady with few qualities that matches what they want,they immediately take her to the altar only to find their perfect woman few month later.

MR H: Men marry for the wrong reason. like for example, most men want to have a beautiful looking woman as a wife, sure no doubt that is cool, but nothing lasts same way forever. for every beauty they see today, there is another coming tomorrow. so they just can’t help themselves but cheat.

MR J: Women are annoying. i don’t like fat women. what do you expect me to do when my wife doesn’t care about her body no more after just one kid.

MR K: most men cheat on their spouse cos the environment they are encourage it . for example, in a university environment, in some locations in a country.

MRS F: Women cheat cos they are not contended with their spouse. some women love sex and if their spouse only lasts for few minutes in bed, this would leave such women unsatisfied. hence, they cheat.

MR L: Keeping bad friends can influence a man/woman negatively to cheat on their spouse.

Hmmm, the interview above shows some of the reasons why men/women cheat on their spouse.

But, does it mean if most of these reasons are fixed? Most men/women would stop cheating?

Can all flaws be fixed to avoid cheating?




  1. When you trust a third party who isn’t a family more than your spouse,
    when you compare your spouse to a third party and you give the third party preference
    when you confide in a third party,
    HABA!! your definition of cheating is too extreme!
    HABA!!! YOUR definition of cheating is too extreme

    1. it’s not. put yourself in the scenario where your spouse trusts a third party more than you and he/she confides in someone else but not you

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