India train derailment kills scores

Train Derailment kills scores in India

The india train derailment kills scores. At least an estimate of 107 people dies in the early hours of Sunday when there was a Patna-Indore Express train derailment-to run off the rails of a track .

 This accident happened near the India’s northern city of Kanpur, Rajesh Modak, the deputy inspector general of police explains.picture of the train collapse

Railways Ministry spokesperson,Anil Saxena says the number of casualties might increase. The current figures for the accident is an approximate. Over 150 passengers sustained injury. According to CNN affiliate CNN News 18, More than 40 people were seriously injured. Rahul Srivastav, the press officer for the Uttar Pradesh police confirms the report to CNN.

Kanpur is located in Uttar Pradesh state, it is nearly 300 miles southeast of New Delhi, the nation’s capital. Upward of 70 passengers could still be trapped in mangled rail cars. Javeed Ahmed, director general of police for Uttar Pradesh, told the news station.

“We’ve taken out 30 plus dead bodies so far,  “There are still people trapped in some coaches.”

Onlookers and survivors gathered next to wreckage of the train. Modak reports the crash of Fourteen cars in a 23-car train  around 3 a.m.

Ahmed reports that It is not immediately clear the cause of the crash or how many people were traveling on the train.onlookers as the train derailed

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to express his condolences.”Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu said on Twitter that senior officers and the National Disaster Response Force have been immediately sent to the place where the accident took place. 

Hundreds of thousands of passengers use this India’s huge rail structure  daily, but it is not properly taken care of.

Being the most popular form of long-distance travel in India, every year there is always report on several train accidents .

It can therefore be said that the India train derailment killed quite a number of people as a result of poor maintenance and frequent use.


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