Being Impulsive is good and fun. But it can also HURT


Allow me to introduce myself for the first and hopefully only time (I hate repetition). My name is Toben O. I’m in my 20s and about to tip over into my 30s (that last detail was none of your business, and yet, there it was in your face). And for the purpose of this blog, I am gender obscure, meaning sometimes I’ll come across sounding macho male and at other times I might come across sounding like a whinny blonde broad (it’ll depend on my hormone pills). I think that’s all the info you need for now before I delve into today’s post.

Err… I probably should have thought this through coz’ now I’m not sure what exactly to delve into. There’s a thought, let’s talk about Going in Blind. About being impulsive. Yeah!

Going in Blind. Doing things without forethought, planning, calculating Profitability Index or ROI or even doing a lil’ risk assessment. Just jumping right in like a Jackass.

Let me state from the start, I do not approve of such actions especially in light of the fact Donald Trumprecently got elected as President based on such actions.

Don’t get me wrong, going in blind as a certain allure to it. Just grabbing the bull by the horn, putting on your big boy pants and attempting something with no consideration for possible long-term consequences. Yeah, just focusing on the maybe probable benefit that might be gained from said thoughtless action.

My favourite (well, top 5 favourite) TV show is Ridiculousness (Not the African one, maybe someday it’ll rise up to standard of Rob Dyrdek’s, but for now, NO). The entire show is predicated on people acting thoughtlessly.

“Ooh! I’m gonna ride my bike over that ramp made up of cardboard and awesome.” “Yeah, let’s do it!”He doesn’t quite do it but ends up pulling off a superb scorpion while breaking his face.

Yes, this injured fool has entertained me but at what cost to himself?

Here’s another scenario; Meet a girl, go on a couple of dates and then, “BABY I LOVE YOU, LET’S MAKE BABIES!” “YEAH!”

Pre-natal and post-natal shoots

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all over Instagram to annoy me and others, then less than a year later comes the messy breakup (At the risk of sounding cruel, I admit this is my favourite part especially when I get a live performance and regular updates of it on social media).

Now, let’s consider what can be achieved by forethought and not just jumping into stuff like God short-changed you on IQ points.

Blakchyna (I’m not sure I spelled that right and I doubt I care).This “lovely” (shudders) “lady” (shudders some more) has and is showing the whole world the blessing and benefits that come with careful and deliberate scheming. She saw an opportunity – fat guy, low self-esteem, backed by family money and fame, KA-CHING! I bet her and Amber Rose and Tokyo Drift (or whatever her mother’s name is) sat down in a Situation Room like manner and carefully planned the step by step infiltration into Blob Rob’s life and the installment of his Kardashian semen software into Chyna’s OS.

See that? She thought the situation through and took advantage of it to the max. Now she owns Rob and in case he tries any shit, she has his daughter as hostage. Careful scheming has equalled high reward.

If you need more convincing just look at Game of Thrones. Every character is scheming and planning to get something and those characters (all hail Queen Cersei)who put the most thought into their schemes tend to win.

You need more convincing? Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Careful and deliberate planning that has resulted in making their rivals, DC, look like hacks at making successful intelligent movies.

Here’s the part where I now talk about life and curveballs.

Life is full of curveballs and has led to the saying, This version is mine and copyrighted so don’t even think of using it without my permission.

Sometimes we plan and yet we fail (woefully even). Not necessarily because of poor planning or faulty data. Sometimes, shit just goes wrong even after painstaking preparation. Take NASA for example, even with all their planning and geniuses, they’ve still had failed launches. Catastrophic ones.

On the other side of the coin, you have those with zero planning who win big. DONALD TRUMP! (but I have to give the man credit for the last two months of his campaign)As far as I’m concerned, that man impulsively went into that election strictly to spite Obama


and with no actual expectations of winning, yet, here we are. Super Curveball.

Or me. I impulsively started this post not knowing what I was gonna talk about and yet here I am impressing you.

My point is, while contradicting myself in my above blahblah, I raised points and I’d appreciate it if the one point you walk away with is; don’t listen to Nike and “Just Do It”. NO!

Put some thought, if even only a little, into consequences (be it gain or loss to you or others) of everything you say or do henceforth in your life after you click close on this post.

I don’t feel the need to elaborate on the benefit of being considerate and thoughtful, but just try it. Upload the software of Thoughtfulness into your life and execute it in every task you perform (ranging from unprotected sex to picking your nose to poor financial decisions). Your life might turn out worse for it but I honestly truly don’t expect it to.

It’s fair I warn you that the goal of my posts is either to enlighten or annoy you in the long run. Whichever I succeed at is wholly your business and none of mine and I will not be held accountable for any positive changes that befall you based on crap I say.

You still wanna be “impulsive”? Cool. But at least watch your step or else…


That said, catch you later and try to endure the absence of my awesomeness for maybe another week. Or less.


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