MY best “OUTFIT CHOICE” among other alternatives



 we all make choice(s) in our everyday life, some of which we might end up regretting and some for the sake of the experience and while some though,with ZERO regrets.

Let’s assume am your girlfriend or your friend, and am light- skinned,tall (like about 5 feet 8 inches),  not heavily busty(i mean, i don’t have heavy boobs- just a portable size, lool!!) and also a portable shoot – out butt with a very nice CURVES…

i know all these descriptions am giving myself ain’t turning you on… but…

yeah its just the way i am and i still turn heads a lot


am not kidding guys, really serious


Back to what i was saying, i came across some beautiful outfit on INSTAGRAM  and i have been literally looking at them.

I can’t get my eyes off them, they are all so beautiful and i needed to pick just ONE .

 you might wanna ask WHY?

The reason is … 

 Beacause i am CECI and i have to look sexy and dope with my outfit… AND YEAH I LOVE NICE OUTFIT

Is that too much?



This outfit is simple but all i see is its making a very bold statement- CLASSY!!!

it was the first outfit i came across…

Should i go for outfit 1 ? was the thought that came to mind, but then again, i saw another that blew my mind  

This was the second one i came across , and was kinda driving me … 


imagine i am your girlfriend or fiancee or even just a friend and we decide to go on a date and i put on this!!! what will be your first reaction???

Should i go for this outfit instead and ignore the first one labelled outfit-1? again, was the thought that came to mind since i just had to make a pick.

i know you may be wondering why i need to make a pick… when i can just get the two outfits…right?

i shared some really cute official outfit from one of my previous post and i thought yeah i don’t need anyone to make a pick for me i just picked one of the outfit and went for it.

But now??? i mean it when i say it was difficult to pick from the two outfit shown above.



This is the third outfit labelled outfit-3, all for the love of crop top, i really love crop tops and now with ripped jeans?

okay maybe you might have something to say about the ripped jeans but there is a suggestion that i combine this cropped top and outfit-1…

Or this particular combination makes it unique in its own way…(were the thoughts going through my head)

i know there are several opinions on the selection and dope combination… but hey check this out…

Another super dope outfit???

yeah… and it’s not an exaggeration



Remember when i started this post i gave a short description about the way i look. (errmm, maybe not as sexy as this chic is looking right now but hey, i can not conclude until i try them out)

so yeah, i already made up my mind in picking one of the three outfit i already listed above when i stumbled on this one…

Did i hear you say waoh!!! when you saw this?

 yeah, that was exactly what i did when i saw this outfit too. 

i mean, if i was your babe, i can not put on this killer outfit and you ll just ignore me …

It’s just not possible… You know why???

Here is why… 

let’s assume you can contain your feeling when you see me on this outfit and i offer we go to the beach and you see me on one of these swimsuits.

Did i just hear you say something like you want me more after clicking the red text?

oh yeah…

i thought as much(smiles*)

so you ll agree with me that OUTFIT-4 is a killer outfit?

But then again, i might just be the only one thinking about it that way…

This was the last one i saw…


i love everything about this outfit, Maybe cos of the color or cos of how classy it looks…

i just know there is something  about it that makes it super dope.

But then again, had to pick just one …and i picked…OUTFIT-3

While some may frown at my pick, i want to believe most people will agree with my choice though…









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