How sexy do you look in your swim suit?

Hey guys, right now i feel like talking to you about what i just found on IG  which has been trending for ages now… it’s Ladies swim suit!!!

Before the evolution of fashion and some other habits we have accepted and become part of , women generally have always been prevented from expressing themselves by the make believe that only the men have the right to do whatsoever he likes especially in Africa.

As a woman , your primary duties are give birth,take care of the children and men e.t.c

Before i bore you with my talk , the whole message am trying to pass across is Today, women have taken it upon themselves not to be considered as being inferior Hence, now they express themselves and they show off their creativity as well as their assets- am talking about their beauty and curves here .lol. 

Whoever thought of women on swim suit is damn creativity i must say. Giving ladies the weapon to make men want them and even as far as leaving a memory of that picture of them on swim suit to linger on.

one of the ways of showing off what they’ve got as a way of expressing how they feel and what they want you to think about them… yeah sexy!!!

Regardless of your skin color or where you come from, all over the world, ladies have come to realize they’ve got what it takes to make everyone accept them and now, most of them strive to be on top of their game by also maintain a fit sexy body with well toned muscles, making them so irresistible…(smile!)

How sexy do you look on your swimsuit? Here is another cut How stylish and irresistible does your swim suit make you look? Every lady who loves to have fun and go places need at least swimsuit.

Do you agree with that?

With different designs of swim suit in the market today, there are several ones you can make your pick from as a lady who love to swim or time at the beach during vacation or even leisure You really don’t need to have a massive butt or boobs to be sexy in whatever swimsuit you put on,i think you just need to be fit and be you  .




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