GLOWING SKIN: RECIPE + APPLICATION. see details to achieve it

Tell me one person in the world who would reject a glowing skin?


Am sure given the option you do.

Whether you are into beauty contests or you are just a simple lady/woman/guy/man who desires to look good without having to put on mask.

Hey! When i mean mask,am talking about ladies who put on make-up. 

There are certain things you need to know about the skin. The most important thing to know about YOUR skin is : 

it is fragile. Take it or leave it.

Barrier to glowing skin

Exposing YOUR skin to harmful chemicals is a risk you do not want to take. please believe me when i say this is a huge risk and the damage most times can be irreversible. 

i am living witness to this. yes, CECI is a living witness.

But if you think it’s a risk that is worth taking then my dear reader by all means “GO AHEAD”.

I have just played my part by warning you before hand.

Other Factors that prevent your skin from glowing

Avoiding the use of harmful chemicals is not the only way to keep your skin from damage. There are other activities that can make you look far from good.This is evident in your dull looking skin.  Activities such as : 

  • Stressful lifestyle;
  • Work schedules that are hectic with no rest;
  • Insufficient sleep;
  • Lack of proper balanced diet;
  • Excessive exposure to harmful sun rays
  • Uncontrollable smoking and drinking habits

All these make you look older than your mother. Making you have skin that is so DULL and DRY.

Know this!

As much as you want to think this is irrelevant, you have to know that your skin tells a lot about your state of health. 

You can not run away from your own skin.

Yeah sure, age has a way of telling on your skin but nothing stops you from avoiding the above mentioned activities or at least try and minimize its frequency.


This is simply because ignoring the impact of the activities listed above will surely tell on your skin by slowing down your skin glow and radiance.

It feels so refreshing to feel good about your skin.

Hey cowboy! it’s your damn physical representation of YOU we talking about here.

There are natural ways to achieve a beautiful glowing skin

These natural ways are ten times better than the cosmetic products.  This is simply because natural, homemade remedy to achieving a glowing skin is SAFE. You can not compare its safety and efficacy to cosmetic over the counter (OTC) products. 

Do you know that…

Most OTC cosmetic products have compositions that are not clearly known. Even though most of them claim to list the ingredients used in the making of the products.

Take note of the following natural ingredients/home-made products that can help your skin reach that perfect glow
  1. Lemon (i think this is a controversial fruit when it comes to skin. So many people have their beliefs about it. But, don’t worry CECI is aware of it and is here to give you a clearer picture on how to use it. After which you can make your choice).
  2. Cod Liver Oil (Yummy! This is also good for kids too trust me).
  3. Honey (To think that something so sweet with all of its uses can also make great changes to your skin. This is simply amazing!).
  4. Rose Water (How trivial do you think people look at ROSES. The beauty of Rose flowers is not just with the appearance or fragrance. It goes way beyond that!)
  5. Papaya (How many people love this fruit? if you do put up your hands. lol. i do actually. In fact, while growing up i ate plenty of it and even wasted it. Only for me to discover that it can make my skin look just the way i want it; beautiful and bright!)
  6. Orange (My God! who would have thought orange in its shape and size is what most people including celebrities pay heavily or should i say pay dearly for just to have products made from it. This fruit will make you shine bright like diamond if you know how to use it)
  7. Milk (Milk oh milk ! who would thou say has not tasted thee. No one ever! Everyone must have tasted milk at one point in their lives. But wait until i reveal what it can do for skin)
  8. Banana (Have you noticed i keep mentioning different varieties of fruits? oh okay .if you know what this fruit can do to the life of your skin, hmmm, you would turn super monkey if you had already been teased by being called a monkey before now cos of your love for banana).
  9. Cucumber (i know what you’re thinking. I know you must heard stories of what this innocent fruit has been used for. But HELL NO! am not talking about sexual pleasure here. Just wait for it, you ll see the magic of this fruit on your skin).
  10. Coconut (Have you ever bullied someone and called him/her a coconut head? oh well, you need to stop! you know why? cos this fruit can get you what you want to achieve when it comes to YOUR own appearance).

Other homemade materials/ ingredients/ products

There are thousands of ingredients around you that you take for granted. These natural homemade ingredients can also be used to achieve a glowing exotic skin apart from the ones listed above. They are: 

  • Tumeric
  • Carrot
  • Aloe Vera
  • Baking Soda
  • Olive oil
  • Green Tea

Also, ingredients like Karela juice, Ubtan, Saffron and lots of them all serve as home remedies for glowing skin.

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