Like we all know, fashion is dynamic and evolves every day. Let’s take a look at the fashionistas (YumYum) below that might influence our style into next year.

1)Simple, elegant and why wouldn’t I want to look like that – Be it on a casual or formal outing


She’s stepping out all cool and green and she knows she’s gonna turn heads. Wish I could see her shoes though.



They say a picture says a thousand words but this just leaves me silently pleased. Ankara print on fleek!


I’m not sure what’s sexier. Her outfit or her bod?


It’s harmattan at the moment, but after seeing her, I think I’m ready to kill it in style when the rains come.


It’s Mercy Aigbe! What else is there to say?


I’m pretty sure her name isn’t Lolitta but she looks just as sweet as a lolly.

Don’t doubt it, these fashion styles are replicable. However, like I always say, “LESS IS MORE”. You could get something similar and even very affordable and still look CHIC.

BUT! Instead of replicating, why not create your own style and be a trailblazer rather than a mimic.

BUT NOT LIKE OUR FASHION SUICIDE for the week… Here she is:

All that’s missing are matching bathroom slippers. And as for these ones:

respect yourself!

Slutty is not the same as chic.

See you all next year.


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