My experience with this woman made me the beast i am


My name is Kelvin. Before i start my story i would like to advise all men out there especially those lucky to constantly visit this blog to be patient and pay attention to their woman before proceeding to take her to the altar.


I am a Nigerian and the first son of my family. I have four other siblings and i hail from a rich comfortable background. My father runs several businesses and my mum on the other hand assist in managing his business. 

My parents are popular in the areas of the business but they do not let their wealth come in the way by taking a better part of them when it comes to pride. This is one reason i can say my family is being respected and loved by most people.

My family

My father is a very quiet man and my mum is also quiet except of cos you cross your boundary. I am not saying this cos she is my mum but because i am now married and my life is a living hell with my wife. As much as i would like to think that i am a beast cos of my wife made me so, i still feel and think she sees me as a soft pathetic man. A man she can ride any day anytime. 

Hold on!

Before you judge me and say stuffs like 

that’s what all men say

or say something  like

Men hardly accept they are wrong

especially if you are a woman.

Here is how it all began

I am a dentist although i do not have my own dental clinic i used to earn a very good pay at the dental clinic where i worked. I have been working in this clinic for a year and half when i received a call from home that my father has been hospitalized and had spent 3 days in the hospital. 2 weeks before he was hospitalized, he had a minor accident where his car ran into a ditch. 

Things took a new turn in my life

Although, my father did not get hurt when this minor accident happened, he slumped days after and it was discovered he had suffered internal bleeding.

On hearing this, i took permission at the dental clinic and traveled down to the city where my parents reside. At the hospital i could barely recognize my father. He was looking pale. 

Last words from Father

My father managed to smile at me when i got to the hospital. He told me he was very proud of me and i should keep on praying for his quick recovery.He went further to say i should always put God first in whatever i do. He said now that he is sick that i am the head of the family and i should continue acting responsible and take care of my mum and siblings. His last words was that i look after his business since he is in the hosiptal before he gave up the ghost.

Burial and the bold step…

After his death, the next thing was preparations for the burial arrangement. This was done and was over in 6 months.

I had to quit my job at the dental clinic and manage my father’s business which was already going down the drain cos of lack of management from his workers.

Two years after, the business bounced back and things were moving fine and smooth. So i decided to take a bold step!

The result…

Like i said, things were moving on well and i decided to get married and start my own family. I decided to take things further with the lady i met at the dental clinic a year before i took over my father’s business. So i invited her to come over and see my family, she accepted and traveled down to the city where i reside with my family.

i was happy 

She was sharp and smart and my family was impressed by this. A month later we prepared for the traditional wedding and it was huge. Yeah the money was there.

I loved my wife so much as she is officially my wife after the traditional wedding. We fixed a date for the church wedding and we planned on making it big.

I was super happy…

I moved from my family mansion and rented a posh apartment where i can start my own family. I also got a new ride and was very excited with all these things that were taking turn in my life. I loved my wife very much and we did odd things together for the fun of it.

I washed her clothes, i was always preparing breakfast for her before leaving for work, i gave her money more often than not just to look good and spoil herself which ever way she deemed fit. I was always home early and most times i leave home late for work since i am the boss of my father’s business. I pretty much control the business.

cos of my love for her i revealed to her most of my secrets. We shared our happy moments together.


All these happiness i experienced went sour the day we argued concerning a particular discussion. She raised up the issue concerning her siblings coming to live with us. I accepted. She then went further to state that i have to make sure i send her little brother to the United States for his education.

I didn’t mind sending her brother to the university here in Nigeria but not travelling all the way to the US. I didn’t send my own kid brother there, why should i send hers? This was what i told her and she took offence.

I never knew she would take it so serious. C’mon there were lots of expenses on my shoulders. Okay maybe i am making a lot of excuses.

 Long story short, the next day, while going about with my business, i received a withdrawal alert. All my accounts had been emptied. I rushed down to the bank and after a very long delay i was told i did the withdrawal myself using my ATM card. I was later asked when was the last time i used the ATM?Questions like If i misplaced my ATM card ? and who else knows the password to my ATM card?

I already revealed my password to my wife sometime ago but i knew i didn’t give her the card before leaving the house that morning. I had already given her some money that morning. And the thought of why on earth would she empty my account came to mind. So to be sure that it wasn’t my wife who would do such, i rushed down home to pick up my ATM card where i had kept it. I got home and found out my wife wasn’t around. i said to myself : maybe she had gone out for shopping.

i looked for my ATM card in my locker and couldn’t find it. i searched the whole house and still couldn’t find it. I had already started shivering thinking i had misplaced the card truly.

So i called my wife and she told me she had traveled and she was busy enjoying herself where she was. I couldn’t believe she would travel without telling me. And to think it wasn’t an emergency travel made my heart to start beating.

Calmly i asked if she was with my ATM card and she responded yes that she was with it. She also confirmed she was responsible for the withdrawal.

OMG i went crazy. I screamed at her and she cut the call. All that drama happened and few days later she came back home. She had finished spending the money. This caused another dispute in the house as she was unapologetic. I didn’t realize when i hit her and she retaliated. she was ready for the fight and of cos i was angry and i beat her up. 

That passed and all the happy things we did together stopped. I apologized for hitting her. I knew i would recover my money again. So i had to work harder and yeah i changed all my passwords. 

There was no interest in preparing breakfast for her anymore. I also needed to leave early for work anyways. This made her angry and she was always nagging about it. The more she nags the more i get sad and sorry for myself. I learnt to ignore.

On this day, i was washing my clothes and she brought out hers. I kindly told  her i wasn’t going to wash hers cos i was not in the mood and i needed to do other things. She got angry and started abusing me. Of course, i would have replied and it would have turned to something else. But i didn’t. i finished washing and i went out. While out, rain fell only for me to get home in the evening to find out that my wife didn’t pack my clothes inside the house before the rain started. I was going through the line where i had spread them when the owner of the rented apartment we lived in came out and told me she would have packed the clothes but before the rain started she called my wife to come pack it but my wife responded that the owner of the clothes will come and pack it . She  went further to state that my wife gave her a stern warning not to pack the clothes.

I was embarrassed and bitter. I thanked her and went inside. I did not say anything to my wife. I went to bed that night in tears.

The next day i didn’t go to work early. I woke up late. I stayed at home till mid- day, my wife had already gone out. After resting for a long while i went to work. i came back home at night only to find out that the entrance door had been removed completely.

I was scared, thought i had been robbed. I rushed in to check on my wife and found her eating and watching a comedy. I asked her what happened  and she responded that was it a crime to eat? or what is a crime to watch comedy?

I had no strength for argument or fight. so i asked what happened to the door that i thought someone broke in since the door was removed and was lying outside.

She responded that someone did broke and she was the person. She said she came back home only to find out that i had locked the door knowing she went out. So she called the welder to remove the door so she could enter the house.

I was angry. Heaven knows i was terribly angry. She left the house without her key. she couldn’t come to my workplace to get my key. she called a welder to completely remove the door? i was saying all these and she was talking back, screaming and abusing me. Blaming me and telling me how senseless i was to leave the house without waiting for her to get back. 

At this point i couldn’t hold it. I pounced on her and hit her pretty bad. i left the house and told her she would sleep in that house alone. i went to pass the night in an hotel. 

the next morning i went back home and  fixed the door by calling welder before going out for work. Only for me to get home to face another drama. My wife refused to open the door. She said i should go and sleep where i had slept the previous day. It was about to rain and i hit the door hard for her to open the door but she refused.

i had to rush into my car cos the rain had already started and it lasted for a while. So i passed the night in my car. I would have gone to the hotel i went to the previous night but i couldn’t drive in the rain and the gates were already locked at the street where i live before the rain stopped.

The next morning she opened the door and i went inside. i did not say a word and she decided to make a joke saying hope i enjoyed the rain and the sleep in the car. This made me more angry so i told her to pack her things and leave or i will end up killing her. But she chose to fight with me and now it has become a daily routine where we both make noise and fight.

I am so ashamed of myself. I used to be a very quiet person. Now, i am not even known for something good. I have become a beast.

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