“Dare to Love” Fashion Styles by Divas- see photos

Hey lovely readers, it’s Friday!

A day set aside for show-casing different fashionable styles by different Instagram divas (including celebrities).

Today, i present to you “Dare to Love” fashion styles by these divas.

oh! Hold on! 

You know it’s the first Friday of the year right?


  1. Empress Njamah is one celebrity i dare to love that gives sweet sensation when it comes to fashion. 
  2.  This list would not start well if the Bayelsa born diva Finiee is not included.  
  3. Munalisa Ada looks sophisticated in this mini dress and long jacket that just makes a statement which is “Dare to love”.
  4. Dare to love a simple and classy fashionista?
  5. Nimsdefabulous looks so fabulous in this dare to love fashionable outfit that will make you fall in love over and over again before you realize she is a wife and a mother.
  6. It’s Anita Raji. The beauty goddess with a sense of style.

In our last post we looked at some ridiculous fashion suicide.

I think this is way more ridiculous.

I present to you our fashion suicide for this week

There are different cool ways to get to know more about latest trends and how different people including celebrities combine different looks.

Am sure you will agree with me that putting on expensive outfits doesn’t necessary sends a dare to love message when you step out. As much as luxury outfits are being appreciated , it can most times be just a display or show-off of an expensive lifestyle.

Dare to love fashionista

Different things are considered when it comes to being fashionable.

Every fashion sense has its own statement. According to me anyways. LoL.

Statements like: Dare to take home, Dare to love at first sight, Dare to approach, Elegant shake, Dare to have sex(just like our fashion suicide for today) etc…

Three things to consider to be a fashionista (including “dare to love”) 

  • Know your size: How small or big do you look?You can not put on outfits that are meant for plus-sized individual knowing you are small-sized. Have you imagined how awkward you will look? Yes sure, there are outfits you can put on that can be a bit bigger than you and you will still look fashionable but the extra big? 

I will like you to prove me wrong anyways then i can come with a statement for such fashion sense.

same way you can not put on a small-sized outfit knowing you are a plus-sized. Am sure you can’t anyways cos by the time you manage to fit in one hand then you must have already ruin such outfit.


Let’s assume by some magic you manage to put on a small/medium sized outfit. Won’t it be like you are just punishing yourself?


  • Height: As much as i am aware that there are pretty mini wears out there in the fashion world, i strongly believe your height and size is a determining factor to which is suitable for you. As for the case of flowing gowns, oh well, occasion is a deciding factor.
  • Occasion: This is a very important factor that must be considered when picking a particular outfit. Occasion like weddings, birthday parties, dinner outing, red carpet e.t.c

I hope you agree with me on this week’s fashion post list.

You can add your contribution(s) at the comment section or contact me to get featured.

TGIF. enjoy your weekend!!!

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