Cement Business- Essential things to know to start making money

cement business is a very lucrative business.

What is cement?

Cement is a fine, soft, powdery-type substance. It is a binder used in construction and have the tendency of binding other materials together. Cement is found in naturally from materials such as limestone, clay, etc.

It is made from a mixture of elements.Cement is mostly purchased  in sacks/bags.

Essential element for cement 

if you are interested in going into cement business and you intend on producing the cement, you need to know that there are four essential elements that makes cement. they are :

  1. Calcium;
  2. Aluminium;
  3. Iron and;
  4. Silicon.

How to get the essential ingredient for cement business

  1.  The main ingredient is the calcium and can be obtained from limestone
  2. Small quantities of  aluminium and iron are needed for cement production and can be obtained from bauxite and iron ore respectively.
  3. The last element which is the silicon can be obtained from sand/clay .

Take note of this when going into cement business.

Most cement is usually gray in color. You can also find white cement but it is usually more expensive than gray cement.
You form concrete when you mix cement  with water, sand and gravel. But, when you mix cement with water and sand alone, you form cement plaster. Am sure you know this but nothing wrong in stating it again for the sake of clarity.

Hold on!!! you want to go into cement business do you also know:

If you mix cement with water, lime and sand, you are forming mortar by doing that?

Okay now you know cement is a lucrative business and yes you are going to make money, lots of money going into it. Of course, if and only if you are serious about it and you know what you are doing.

it all starts from here:Path to Build and shape your dreams as a business owner/entrepreneur


Cement is a very fine powder. This doesn’t mean you can use it on your face!!!

You will need to store cement in a dry environment. This is simply because if it gets wet or damp, the powder will turn into a hard lump.WASTE!!!


These are steps to make cement for that cement business you are planning on going into:

  1. Take the major ingredient of cement which is limestone from a quarry. You will also need small quantities of both sand and clay.
Note: limestone, sand and clay contain the four essential (calcium, aluminium, iron and silicon) you will use in making the cement.

2. Transport the very large pieces of limestone rocks from the quarry to the cement plant and feed into a crusher. A crusher crushes the very large pieces to smaller pieces.

3. The smaller pieces are placed in a blender with other materials(sand and clay) in the right proportion.

4. The raw materials are ground to form powder.You can also use rollers that crush the materials against a rotating platform.

5. This stage that undergoes a process called Sintering;

“Sintering-the process of compacting and heating (without melting) a powder to form a solid mass”

which requires that everything from stage (4) goes into a big, extremely hot and rotating blast furnace .  The raw materials reach about 2700° F (1480°C) inside the furnace. This causes both the chemical and physical changes of the raw materials coming out of the furnace as large, glassy, red-hot cinders called “clinker”.

6. The final stage is the cooling and grinding of the clinker into a fine gray powder.You should add a small quantity of gypsum during this final grinding. 

Places you can find limestone in Nigeria for cement business

Wondering where to find limestone in Nigeria? Here are the states  where you can find them. 

  1. Enugu 
  2. Edo 
  3. Cross River
  4. Borno
  5. Benue
  6. Bayelsa
  7. Anambra
  8. Akwa-ibom
  9. Abia

Places to find gypsum in Nigeria for cement business

Where to find gyp

  1. Adamawa
  2. Anambra
  3. Bayelsa
  4. Bauchi
  5. Benue
  6. Delta
  7. Borno
  8. Edo
  9. Gombe

There are challenges in every business including cement business. In the next post we would look at each of them one after the other and ways to overcome them.

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