My brother frustrated our Mother to death

My name is Dominion and this is my story.

My father was a popular man back in the days and lived a comfortable life. My mum on the other hand prior to giving birth to me, according to what she told me suffered emotionally from lack of being able to conceive.

She said 10 years after she got married to my dad, whenever she was pregnant she loses the pregnancy 3 months after. She went further to tell me sometimes she was lucky to carry the pregnancy for 4 months.

This made her unhappy and she was scared my dad will send her out of the house and get married to someone else. She felt ashamed to associate herself with other women cos she was called barren by most people.

There was a particular time she said she was convinced she was pregnant and the baby was going to stay cos she had gone to different herbalist to collect several herbs. But, to her greatest disappointment she had miscarriage when the pregnancy was 6 months.

After this miscarriage she was unable to conceive for another three years. Out of desperation to have just one child of her own, she went to meet a native doctor and promised the spirit world that if she was answered and she is able to conceive and give birth to just one child she would dedicate the child to them.

Surprisingly she did get pregnant again and to the amazement of everyone she gave birth to a boy. There were celebrations here and there on her behalf saying indeed she is now a complete woman.

My mother kept her promise. She was glad the spirits heard her request and to fulfill her own side of the deal, she dedicated her son to the spirit and he was called Mmuo (meaning spirit since it was the spirits that gave him to her).

Mmuo is my elder brother who was dedicated to the spirit world. Mmuo grew up to be a terror in the community where my parents lived. At the  age of 5, everyone within and outside the community knew him cos of his stubbornness.

This stubbornness matured to wickedness over time. He hardly listens to my parents. when my mum tells him to do something, he does the complete opposite and challenges her or dad to do their worse.

Mmuo was always beating up his mates and inflicting injuries on them. This will in turn make the parents of the children to fight my parents. My mum made so many enemies cos of Mmuo. This is because at first she was protecting her only son and thought they were against him cos he was the only son. She continued this until she witnessed Mmuo pouring sand into a blind man’s food. Her heart was broken and she couldn’t help herself but shed tears.

Recalling all the things that were being reported by different people concerning him made her feel sad. As days pass by Mmuo was getting more wicked and heartless and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

My mum said she was a pagan and had never had anything to do with God but heard of the marvelous things He alone can do.

My mum also went further to state that she knew the consequences of collecting anything from the spirit world if whoever  is collecting does not fulfill their own side of the deal. But she was confused since she did fulfill her own side of the deal.

What went wrong? She said she couldn’t answer that question.

So she decided to try the God of Christians cos the pains she was experiencing from things Mmuo was doing was becoming unbearable.

My mum made the same request she made when she needed to conceive a child. She said she told God that she doesn’t know God but she had heard a lot about him and she decided to turn to him and begged him to give her a child that she would dedicate to him.

Mum said she doesn’t know why she so much had faith in God. Long story short she did conceive again and gave birth to me.

She said she witnessed the relief she had never witnessed for years as i grew up to be a very quiet person always with her. While my elder brother on the other hand turned out to be worse than he was after i was born.

Mmuo was jealous and full of hate. My brother was the complete opposite of me. I was given the name Dominion by mum since it was a christian name and it was meant to reflect in my life (to show i was from God unlike my brother).

I grew up to always protect my mother cos i found out my brother was always beating her up and making her and my father miserable.

Out of anger and frustration mother placed a curse on Mmuo. 

that he will never know peace and he would never be welcomed among people. He will die miserably.

I was scared for my brother cos i knew what it meant to be cursed by one’s mum. My mum brought me up and taught me to always worship God alone and never collect anything from the devil . she said that my brother is a living witness of the consequence of collecting something from the devil.

Whenever my brother beat my mum, i fight back so hard with him even though he would end up beating me up.


On this day, i was coming back from school, i saw mum lying down in front of the house with Mmuo standing by her. I rushed to meet her it was obvious Mmuo had beaten her up again from the look on his face. It was drizzling so i tried lifting mum up. My brother already ran away knowing i would get into a fight with him. it had already started raining so i was shouting mum for her to get up that she shouldn’t worry that i am back and i would deal with Mmuo. My mum did not move, her eyes were open and did not blink.

So i carried her inside with all my strength and cleaned her bruises. I was calling on her but she did not answer. After some minute i became scared. I rushed out to look for father at his farm.

i did not go far when i saw my school teacher and begged her to come stay with my mother  so that Mmuo will not come back and cause more trouble. She agreed and followed me to my house.

As soon as she entered she called on mum twice before she started screaming and crying as she held her to check on her. It was at this point i knew mum will never answer. She was dead. Mmuo  had beated her to death.


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6 thoughts on “My brother frustrated our Mother to death

  1. this is what society force someone to do and that is why there are bad marriages. she was forced to bargain with the devil

  2. women are really going through tough situation. This has to stop. it is not by force to marry and it is nobody’s business if a woman gives birth or not. women should start supporting each other just like taraji said in a video . When we do then the world will be a better place. Its simply out of frustration of gossips jere and there that made this woman to ask for a child from the devil knowing the consequence

  3. This is just too sad. The poor woman suffered to the end. women just let themselves to be objects to be treated anyhow and at the end they always lost.

  4. I don’t agree with you oluwafemi, our sympathy as women doesn’t mean we are weak. It very rude to think we let ourselves as objects. This is just a painful story and a pitiable one

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