No. the celebration of Boxing Day has nothing to do with knocking a dude’s teeth out.

But seriously look at that dude’s face  It’s like an advanced course in how to get Brain Damaged.

Although… there is a celebration in Peru called Takanakuy where –believe it or not- on Christmas day you get to just roll up on a random person on the street and knock his lights out.

Or get your lights knocked out, depending on your preference and or skill.

        Photo from WoW Amazing

Best part is it’s not limited to just men. 

Even women can get in on the action. And you know those South American women have those thick booties… I mean, just look at the pic

Even in full battle mode the booty be popping. Getting to watch one of those fights will be like watching a Christina Aguilera video with all the hot ladies getting dirty.

How Sexist/Misogynist am I sounding right now? If you have any complaints please call 1-800-NOBODY CARES!!!

Takanakuy is a centuries old tradition that was originally designed to settle legal disputes in the city of Santo Tomas. The indigenous Peruvian citizens near Cuzco, would wrap their fists and commence to beating the goo out of each other as a method of celebration and a way to settle disputes (And not just the legal kind).

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Despite the violent nature of the celebration, it is considered a joyous festival, with music, dance, booze and angry fornication (not surprisingly, I added that last part ‘cos I believe it’d make it a whole lot like Madi Gras. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing).

And I just noticed I’ve deviated off topic. You’re supposed to be getting enlightened about Boxing Day.

Boxing Day falls on Dec. 26 or the first weekday after Christmas, whichever comes first. It is an English holiday which is also celebrated by most Commonwealth Nations. If you’re wondering what a Commonwealth Nation is, it’s those countries once colonized by the Red Coats aka the British.

Here are some in your face facts about Boxing Day according to the Patch Network:

  1. It’s called boxing day because it was the day the family opened the box for the poor.
  2. The Christmas Box was often made of clay or wood and was where people placed gifts. Not the fancy packages or wrappings you find in the garbage after the 27th of December.
  3. During the age of exploration, a Christmas Box would be placed on a ship for good luck. A priest would often place it there, and crewmen would drop money in it to ensure a safe return. If the ship returned safely, the priest would take the box and distribute the contents to the poor. Or embezzle it. Who knows!?
  4. Every church in England had an alms box which was where folks placed money for the poor. The box was opened on Dec. 26 and the contents were distributed to the poor of the parish.
  5. The tradition still continues today. Some of us (but not enough of us) give small tokens to local workers and the needy. Kids also collect things in boxes to be given to the local poor (I haven’t met this kids and I’m not sure they exist, because all the kids I know are all about the, “GIMME GIMME GIMME!”).

Here’s some more info you might not care about. In Ireland, Boxing Day is really ‘St Stephen’s Day’, dedicated to a saint who was stoned to death for believing in Jesus. St Stephen was a not very popular Saint who achieved fame by being the first evangelising Christian to get “Death by Stone” shortly after the Crucifixion of Christ.

I can’t swear to it, but I think this is the Stephen whom Saul (later known as Paul the Apostle) supervised his stoning.

Oh well! I think it’s safe to say Boxing Day has a very unexciting history.

It’s almost noon and I think I still have some Toxic Alcohol Eggnog left. I’m gonna go get sauced on that and see if I can find any weird stuff about Christmas to share with you disloyal readers later on in the day.

Till then… WAIT!!! Takanakuy is not an excuse for anyone out there to go practice domestic violence. Okay? I want us to be very clear on that. If you wanna fight, hit the street and find someone at least twice your size to pick on.

But won’t you be better off staying at home and at peace with yourself.





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