Annoying Discovery- abandoned baby devoured by dog

As far as am concerned, this is a very annoying discovery!!!

The question i keep asking myself is why? why!!!?

Why on earth will anyone drop a baby in a refuse dump. it is just simple cruel and annoying.

This annoying discovery was found on vanguard stating that a dog was found eating a new born baby abandoned at a refuse dump , at Gwallameji, the Federal Polytechnic Student Village, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

This annoying discovery on Vanguard reports that several of such incidents have been recorded in the area.

This incident attracted many people to the scene as reports claim this is coming less than four months after the lifeless body of a new born baby in a polythene bag was found at a refuse dump in the same area.

An eye witness, who goes by the name Isaiah, said:

I was coming back from church when I saw many people behind a house away from ours. I became curious and went to see what was happening there.
What I saw there was disgusting and annoying.

It was someone, who dumped a new born baby at a refuse dump and a dog was found eating it (the baby).

From the look of things and from what I heard people say, the baby was abandoned alive but was killed by the dog.

How can someone do this to an innocent child?
How can a human life be treated with such levity? It’s so bad and inhumane.

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He went further to state that some of the onlookers dug a shallow pit and buried the remains of the baby just beside the refuse site.

The traditional Chief of Gwallameji, Hassan Ibrahim, confirmed the incident, saying he was not at the scene personally to see things.

He said:

I got a call from someone informing me of the incident. But, I told the person that I was not around. When I called the number back, I was told that Wakilin Sarkin Gwallameji (representative of the chief of Gwallameji), Sanusi Mohammed, was already there.

He further said:

“Since he was there, I continued with what I was doing knowing that he would handle everything well. As I speak with you now, I haven’t met him yet for information on the incident.”

This is the most annoying discovery i have come across in a while.


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