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Chioma Emelda

Chioma Emelda

My name is Chioma Emelda, together with my surname (which i haven't mentioned but too easy to get ) will give my initials- CECI and maybe that was one of the reasons why i went for Cecipost as my domain name. I am in my twenties, very young i know or maybe not but one thing i can say is i have learnt a lot and i am still learning ,I am a lady even though i don't have to state it because its obvious. i like to laugh a lot so by default i love funny and free-spirited people. People close to me say i am an anti-social lady, i don't know if i am,maybe,maybe not, all i can say is one of the reasons why i started blogging is so i can share with you my experience,passion, news i come across and opinions about them and you can also share yours either at the comment section of whichever of my post really got to you or if you want your opinion(s) or experience(s) to be published you can just CONTACT ME HERE . Either ways if you are reading this then you are my friend and you are interested in what i have to say on my blog cecipost.com and this i really appreciate and excited enough not to dissappoint you as i unleash juicy posts and updates, and would be even more delighted to read about your own experience, opinions,comments or even jokes... lol


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